Helping you see and step into God's Vision for your life.

We’re not a people who lack vision. In our culture, vision is often about getting what we want for ourselves; a better job, a bigger house, more status. We’re chasing all these things, but in the end we’re finding that they don’t really satisfy. They leave us feeling empty and trapped. Deep inside we know we were meant for something more. We’re looking for a new vision. We can help you find that vision.

We want you to see yourself and your life through God’s eyes. You are more loved, more accepted and more important than you realize. You were created for a greater purpose than you’ve been living for. We believe that the church exists to help people see and live out God’s vision in relationship with others. At Envision church that’s what we want to do.


We want to be a church that’s inviting. We want to be people who love our community and our world so recklessly that they are drawn to Christ by our love for them.


We want to be a church that’s increasing. We want to be people who are growing in faith and dependence on Jesus, not simply going through the religious motions.


We want to be a church that’s investing. We want to be people who aren’t living for ourselves, but realize that we are part of the bigger story of what God's doing in our world.
We’re far from perfect. We don’t have it all figured out. But we are committed to seeking God’s vision for us as a church and to help you to see and step into His vision for your life.
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Thank you for taking the time to visit us online. We're glad you're here. Our desire is for you to find God's vision for your life. God has a plan for each one of us, and as a church, we would like to help you find God's plan. No matter what you've done in the past or where you are in life today, God can use you for great things. With Him, nothing is impossible.
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