Bill Avila

Senior Pastor

Bill grew up in Chicago, Illinois. Although his family did not attend church, he visited a children’s Bible club through an outreach ministry of a local church and became a Christian. He attended church by himself and the people there became a second family to him. In his pivotal teenage years, he was spiritually mentored by a man from his church named Lance. He taught Bill what it looks like to live as a godly man and now Bill pays that forward as he mentors other young men. He believes that mentoring is a natural extension of the relationships that develop within small groups. Bill met his wife Elaine at Grace College in Indiana and they moved to Greenville in 1995. He has been a small group leader for over 20 years and has led small group ministries for over 10 years. Bill and Elaine live in Mauldin and have six children: Vanessa (serving in the United States Navy), Lauren (serving in the Air Force National Guard), Ashley, Monica, Connor, and Megan...

Corbin Hogue

Student Pastor / Service Programming Director

Corbin Hogue grew up in the city of Gaffney, SC. Throughout his childhood, he developed a great gift for dancing and entertaining people. On October 21, 2009 Corbin and his dance group had their big break as they went on a popular televised show and won a dance competition. Soon Corbin began to feel like dance wasn’t the way that he should be going. He began to feel that God was pulling on his heart to go down a new path. During the year of 2011, Corbin left dancing and began to follow Jesus and allow him to guide his footsteps. Since then, Corbin has grown as a man and a youth minister, helping individuals with numerous issues in their lives. Corbin joined the Envision Team in May of 2014. He and his wife Kyrtisha live in Greenville with their two sons, Austun and Aivery.

Dalivette Marin

ekidz Director

Dalivette was born in Connecticut and moved to Florida when she was in middle school. She grew up in church and accepted Christ as her savior as a preteen in Florida. She married her high school sweetheart Brandon in 2003 and they moved to Greenville in 2006. Dalivette has always had a passion for music and this passion led her to start serving in Ekidz leading worship. She volunteered for two years before being offered a paid position as Ekidz Service Programming Coordinator in November of 2015. She is now our Ekidz Director. She is passionate about organizing worship sets and leading children in worship. She loves creating a worship experience for the children and teaching them how to worship. Her husband Brandon serves as a volunteer production team leader in Ekidz. Dalivette and Brandon live in Greer and have four children: Dylan, Jayce, Izayah, and Bryanna.

Ashley Rudisill

Guest Services Director

Ashley grew up in South Bend, Indiana. She followed her family to the Upstate after completing dental school. In 2010 she married her husband Will. They have since expanded their family to include three children. Ashley accepted Christ when she was 5. Since that young age she has spent her life in seasons of both success and failure, both faith and cynicism, and both obedience and rebellion. She has experienced times of celebration and times of deep mourning. In each season, God has proven to her that He is both constant and good. She joined the Envision Team in August of 2016

Elaine Avila

Director of Operations

Elaine was born and raised in Greenville, SC. Despite being raised in a Christian home and church, she chose to reject God’s calling on her life. However, pursuing life without God ultimately left her empty and purposeless. A series of pivotal events in Elaine’s early young adult years made clear God’s unconditional love for her and resulted in choosing to follow Jesus wholeheartedly. Once she gave her heart to Jesus, she felt unexplainable peace and joy. In one of the best decisions of her life, she choose to attend Grace College in Winona Lake, Indiana where she met her future husband Bill and grew very strong in her faith. Bill and Elaine have been married over 20 years and have 6 children: Vanessa (serving in the United States Navy), Lauren (serving in the Air Force National Guard), Ashley, Monica, Connor, and Megan. Elaine is passionate about helping people understand how much God loves them personally and how that knowledge can change their lives. Bill and Elaine live with their children in Mauldin.

Abby Hall

ekidz Ministry

Abby was born and raised in the Greenville, SC area. She has been a part of Envision Church since the very beginning as a middle school student volunteering in ekidz. Through her years volunteering at Envision, she has developed a passion for children's ministry. Abby will be entering college in the fall of 2017 and will be pursuing a degree in education and Christian ministries in order to continue learning about how to help children see and step into God's vision for their lives.