Schedule Time with God


It seems like it should be so simple to Schedule Time with God…many of us would agree that it should be our number one priority every day. But, in the business of life, this is often one of the steps in the Vision Plan that we neglect the most or never even take at all. To hear what Pastor Robbie has to say about time with God,  check out this podcast. He explains some of the important components of our daily time with God, and how you can get started.



In this message, Pastor Robbie suggests that we start with just 21 minutes each day…

7 minutes in prayer,

7 minutes reading your Bible and/or devotion, and

7 minutes memorizing a verse or passage of scripture.

We encourage you to stop by the Next Steps Center this week and ask about resources available to help you begin to establish the habit of Scheduling Time with God. Many of these resources are free, so don’t let concerns about cost keep you from coming.

As you begin to take Vision Plan Steps, remember that everything you do is from God’s approval and not for God’s approval. He loves you so completely. There is nothing you can do or be that would make Him love you more than He already does. However, the Steps you take in the Vision Plan will inevitably lead you to love Him more and live the abundant life that is only found when we spend time with Him.